Vinnuljós UL200 m/ hönkum


Frá Normfest - Vörunúmer: NO7982-70-50

12.990 kr

Verð áður 18.990 kr


Lumens at 0.5m distance: main light: 440/280 lumens - additional light: 180 lumens

Handle can be rotated by 180 °

Lamp handle can be locked in eight steps

robust and splash-proof plastic housing

rubberized grip surface

modern LED technology

Effective lighting time: main light: up to 6 h - additional light: approx. 9 h

Charging time: approx. 4 hours

Mounting options for the lamp:

2x fold-out hooks that can be rotated 360 °

2x holding magnets on the back

1x magnet on the bottom

Incl.Micro USB charging cable 1.5m (optionally chargeable via USB AC charger or car adapter, not included in delivery)

Weight: 340 g

Dimensions: 266 x 48 x 32 mm